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Leaving work early seems like an excellent idea, until a dimensional rift appears right in front of Alice's car and a semi-trailer truck pushes her into it. A moment later, she’s in an unfamiliar environment filled with hovering robots, people in uniforms, assigned friends, and no way to return to her own world.  

The only possible upside is handsome ship’s captain: Lewis. He does his best to care for the lost young woman and helps her feel at home. Unfortunately, the universe can be fickle, and Alice is about to learn how it really works, on the quantum level. 



Lewis watched a group of scientists with a frown on his forehead.

“What do you mean you can’t do it?”


“It’s technically not possible, Sir.”


“But she was here. You have seen her. You have examined her vehicle, and all the other things that appeared here. You examined her.”


“Yes, Sir. But we don’t know how she got here. It might take place on the quantum level.”


“A living woman appearing on my bridge seems to be sufficient evidence for the journey being possible.”


“Yes, Sir.”


One of the younger scientists raised her hand. Her normally bright green skin flushed in hues of teal. Did that mean she was aggravated or embarrassed?


“You don’t have to raise your hand. Speak.”


“Yes, Sir. You know how nothing more has appeared after Alice’s disappearance? I have a theory.”


He barely resisted an urge to order her to speak faster.


“I think we caused all of this to happen. Our attempts to bring her back over brought her and all those items here, but in the past. There might be an issue with time drift between…”


“Solve it. Everyone, what she said. Make it happen.”


“But, Sir…”


He spun around and strode out of the laboratory.