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Normally, law abiding Sharon Vaughan would

have nothing to do with a Harley riding criminal

like Jimmy Shaw. The web designer’s life is well organized and arranged just the way she likes it, and that does not include bikers. The loud, large, and sometimes annoying man is still dangerously attractive, and Sharon contacts him against her better judgment. It is a matter of days before she is introduced into the dark underworld of biker gangs and crime. 

Despite objections from Sharon’s logical and well-reasoning self, Jimmy is a temptation difficult to resist. She never expected to fall for him, and her new project has secrets. He hasn’t told her the world she has become an unsuspecting participant in holds dangers beyond her wildest imagination. Or, that if she knew everything he hides, they could both lose their lives. 


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It was a long drive to Sebring and Sharon played old pop music to stay awake. A McDonald's lured her in with the bright neon sign, and coffee from the drive-thru made the adventure easier.


McDonald's. I wonder if someone has ever mistaken it for a motorcycle club. Hey, I heard those MC Donald's are coming to town.


She might not have known where Sebring was a few hours earlier, but Siri did, and her phone brought her to a two-story building with a huge red sign.


There was no doubt she reached the right place; the parking lot outside the motel was crammed with motorcycles, and she heard shouting and music from a couple of the rooms. Jumping down from the car, she tugged at her skirt. It was too short. Bad enough she let Mona talk her into buying a thing like this, worse that she chose to wear it.


I need to re-think my life, because this isn't for me. Wanting me to play a hooker. Idiot... I'm an idiot too for going along with it. Is that a pool over there? I bet there'll be dead people in it before morning.


At least her license plate said "The Sunshine State" and not what county she came from. This was a good time to be grateful for little things.


A man staggered along the building with his arms around two women. She was so preoccupied with watching the trio she didn't hear footsteps approach.


"Well, well, what do we have here?"


The voice was too close and made her jump. Spinning around, she stared into a pair of cold blue eyes. They belonged to a mountain of a man with shaved, tattooed head. 


Her first instinct was to run for her life, but she wouldn't get far, especially not in these shoes. Mona would have been able to do it, but Sharon wasn't used to wearing heels and just standing in her pretty pumps made her feel about to topple over.


Her assessment might be unfair. He might not be dangerous, but the word "Hate" tattooed across his forehead made caution seem prudent. 

She wanted to glance around and look for Jimmy, but taking her eyes off the giant could be dangerous.


If she could make it to Jimmy's door she'd probably be okay, but he didn't even know she was there yet. His concern for her safety made much more sense, all of a sudden. 


An impossible image of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman popped up in her head. 


Not helpful.