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News and events
More books from Desert Breeze Publishing republished

Covert Identity, Shadow of a Man, and The Sorcerer have been republished and are available once more. The remaining books from Desert Breeze Publishing will follow shortly. 

Conversion has gotten a facelift

Conversion has gotten a facelift with a new cover by Juan Villar Padron, and a few new chapters

at the end of the book. If you have already purchased this novella through Amazon, it is possible

to get the update. It is located under the Devices and Content menu. 

Re-edit of the Goddess's Saga

All three books in The Goddess's Saga have gotten a well needed overhaul with a new edit. 

There is also a collection volume available with all three books in a convenient package.

Desert Breeze Publishing is Closing

Desert Breeze Publishing, my publisher since many years, recently announced they are closing. This is sad news - they have been supportive and kind, and I will miss them. Practically, it means all my books published with them will be unavailable for a while. They will be re-published starting with Flashback in August 2018.

Coming soon: Anguish and Hope


Don't miss the next installment in the Embarkment 2577 saga! Coming soon, winter 2016-17.

Available now: Covert Identity


Normally, law abiding Sharon Vaughan would have nothing to do with a Harley riding

criminal like Jimmy Shaw. The web designer’s life is well organized and arranged just the

way she likes it, and that does not include bikers. The loud, large, and sometimes annoying

man is still dangerously attractive, and Sharon contacts him against her better judgment.

It is a matter of days before she is introduced into the dark underworld of biker gangs and crime. 

Despite objections from Sharon’s logical and well-reasoning self, Jimmy is a temptation

difficult to resist. She never expected to fall for him, and her new project has secrets. He hasn’t

told her the world she has become an unsuspecting participant in holds dangers beyond her

wildest imagination. Or, that if she knew everything he hides, they could both lose their lives. 



                           New family member: Koda


                                                        Koda is a two year-old cat adopted from Cat Depot, happy to finally

                                                 have found a furever home after spending over a year in the rescue

\                                               organization. The name Koda means "friend"  or "companion." 
                                                 Welcome to the family!

                           Change in plans, 2016 RT Conference in Las Vegas


                                                         Maria was scheduled to appear at the 2016 Romantic Times conference in Las Vegas in April, but had                                                     to back out of the event due to illness in the family.


                                                  She hopes to meet everyone at the 2017 conference instead.



New releases in the Embarkment series


New books have been released in the popular Embarkment 2577 saga. A prequel - Arrival - hit the presses in 2015 as well as a sequel - Deadly Betrayal - which takes place mere weeks after the end of Adam and Eve. Two more books are planned for release in 2016. At the same time, the collection volume Embarkment 2577 has gotten a facelift and now contains the four first novellas: Arrival, Brand New World, High Gravity, and Adam and Eve. Deadly Betrayal is a full length novel.

Available now: The Sorcerer


Evil is real. Magic is real. Who can you trust in a world where myths come alive and nothing is

what it seems?


When Anne accepts a job in a German boarding school for gifted children, her main concern is

surviving without California’s sunshine and beaches. She doesn’t anticipate anything more

dangerous than getting lost in an unfamiliar place. Nowhere does her work description mention

three men betting on who will get her into bed first, or being rescued by the reclusive math teacher

David Lindeman, a man her new friends claim is evil incarnate. 


The old castle houses many secrets, and as days go by Anne finds it increasingly difficult to

separate reality and superstition. She becomes a reluctant participant in an ancient battle

between good and evil, and to survive, she must channel a power from deep within herself she

could never have imagined. Who can she trust in a world where myths become real and nothing

is what it seems?