There might be a place Theresa fears more than

Parnassus, but she can’t think of one. The old and

decrepit station houses all sorts of cruelty, and to

make it better, this is where her husband Dominic

was imprisoned, drugged, and tortured. He

returned a mere shadow of his old self, scarred

by abuse and Uudon withdrawal.


Parnassus is the last place Theresa wants to go, and the only one she can’t escape. Dominic’s apparent madness does nothing to alleviate her fears. Her once sweet husband has turned into a womanizing monster, and will destroy anyone who gets in his way.


Geo, her faithful and all too handsome bodyguard, appears to be the only one on her side. He once helped rescue Dominic, and pays for the insurrection with a lifetime on the run. This might be a situation not even he can handle, and Theresa fears none of them will make it out alive.


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​What reviewers say

"Maria Hammarblad has created an unusual and complex world within the pages of Borealis XII. It's a world that I'm fascinated with, yet would be terrified to visit. The writing was well done: harsh, yet bearing a tender kind of emotion that is rare to find. This is a romance book, with flames of horror popping up now and again, all in a science fiction realm of gritty description."

Readers' Favorite


"An intriguingly original plot line that leaves one starving for the next chapter, and the next!"

InD'tale Magazine

"It was an unexpected pleasure to read this short story and it has kept me thinking for several days afterwards about how I feel about the characters and trying to piece together what I think should or will happen next. This is a love triangle to rival the best of them, smoothly and subtly woven into a story which in itself is a small part of a larger picture."


"I still have two of the most recent Borealis books to read, however, this one is one of the best in the series so far. It was poignant, romantic, and well written, with believable characters. The author definitely did a wonderful job with this one. I will be reading this again in the future."

Amazon Customer


"Though this story is short on word count it packed a lot of action into its small package and kept me intrigued from start to finish."

J. Faltys



"I wish we weren't going to Borealis."


"Trust me, you're not the only one."




Captain Geo rarely answered when she spoke,

even if he was right next to her.


Sometimes she forgot what his voice sounded like.


Why is he standing guard inside the room anyway?

He's usually on the other side of the door.

Oh well, maybe he needs company too.


Theresa turned to meet his eyes and lifted an eyebrow.


"Did something happen to you there?"


He stood right beside the door with his feet apart and his hands tucked behind his back, looking authoritative and unafraid.


"Something happens to everyone who sets foot there. You too. Am I correct?"


This time all willpower in the world couldn't suppress the shudder. How could she be so fearful of a place she'd never seen? Telling herself Borealis was built and inhabited by humans didn't help one bit. She still considered it one of the lower levels of Tartarus where souls were tortured until the end of times.


"You know. You helped get him out."


He nodded, but didn't have time to answer; his radio crackled to life. She couldn't quite make out the mumbling voice on the other side, but it didn't matter.


It wasn't for her.


It was never for her.




Geo's voice right next to her made her jump. His chiseled face was almost within kissing distance. How could he be so quiet and still move so quickly?


"I need your assistance."


The mere words made her feel fatigued.


"Oh no. What did he do?"


"He's setting fires on the cargo deck, ma'am. Fire will deplete our air supply."