All American girl meets Russian Spy


Jenny Moore is good at her job. Her colleagues have become family and her life is enriched by both good friends and a cat with personality. But there's still something missing. She longs for adventure -- in a nice moderate dose that will fit in with the rest of her life. 

When Alexei Roshenko steps over her threshold the tall, dark, and handsome stranger sweeps her off her feet. He appears to be the answer to every romantic fantasy any woman ever had, and to make things better, he's mysterious and exotic. 

There's more to Alex than meets the eye -- a dark, violent past is catching up with him. When Jenny acts on a whim and follows him to Russia, she soon finds herself entangled in a web of deceit and secrets beyond her wildest imagination.  

Survival will depend on an inner strength she didn't know she possessed, and only one thing is certain: life will never be the same again.


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"You know, I'm old enough to remember the good old bad days. In those times, one man would have been sent to spy on you, and another man sent to keep an eye on the spy. They would have been investigating the woman you found in this very moment, trying to estimate what threat or opportunity she might pose, and how she could best be used. Leverage was a big word in those days."

​What reviewers say

"Ms. Hammarblad takes us to multiple countris, giving a glimpse of each, which adds an interesting flavor. An enjoyable read overall.

InD'tale Magazine

"Hammarblad writes about dangerous men and the women who hold them back from the edge. A great read."

Patty Froese

"Fast-paced romance and action-filled spy thriller with interesting characters and world-wide settings. The sometimes scary, always, sexy and often sweet story is one you won't be able to put down."

Paula L. McElwee


The screenplay for Undercover won the Wildsound Festival's 1st Scene contest. The video to the left shows an actor-reading of the first pages.